Use Cases for IntraFind Site Search

With IntraFind Site Search, you get a secure, high performant and ready-to-use search function for your website.

IntraFind Site Search is developed for many use cases, for example:

  • Site Search for travel blogs
  • Site Search for your own website
  • Site Search for corporate websites
  • Site Search for your online shop
  • Site Search as replacement for your existing Google Site Search (GSS) or Google Custom Search (CSE)

Site Search: Easy to set up search for all websites

As an established software provider, IntraFind has been offering enterprise search applications for small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations for more than 17 years. We know what is important for our customers and what is important for our users.

With Site Search, now everybody can set up their own search on the website without needing any special programming skills or external help from an IT provider.

Benefit from the advantages of Site Search

  • Security:
    Hosting in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany* following German Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Simple:
    No special infrastructure or maintenance is needed. Easy to set up and to administrate
  • Multi-site support:
    Full support for multi-language sites, e.g. your corporate website – every language is supported
  • Linguistic features for more than 30 languages:
    Ensure a complete high-quality result list
  • Intelligent Autocomplete:
    Premium autocomplete and did-you-mean for excellent search experience
  • Transparency:
    Site Search is based on Elasticsearch with a clear defined algorithm
  • High Performance:
    No matter if there are 20 pages in the index or 2 million – or if there are 10 queries or 10 million queries per day – the performance always stays on a high level
  • Customer-friendly:
    Clear, transparent pricing plans with 14-day free trial version

* Please note, the CDN offering is Europe-wide distributed

Replace your Google Site Search with IntraFind Site Search

Site Search
Custom Search Engine (CSE)
Site Search (GSS)
Free of ads Yes No  Yes
Customer Support Yes No Yes
Customization of layout & design Yes Yes Yes
Data Center located in Germany Yes No No
Number of queries Depends on pricing plan  Limited Depends on pricing plan