• Zero-downtime deployment enables us to deploy new releases of Site Search several times a day, without a single second downtime.
  • We are evaluating the option to offer our crawler as a self-service.
    This would enable our customers to crawl sites directly and evaluate results without the need to contact us.


  • Log monitoring with ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) for insights into the usage of Site Search
  • API simplifications without breaking any clients
  • Introduced GZIP compression for higher throughput and faster responses
  • Split FAQ into two parts, a search bar related part and a service related part
  • Reduce search bar’s log noise in browser console


  • improved monitoring resilience, i.e. monitoring configurations in physically separated locations
  • the new, reworked product frontpage went live


  • Search bar updated
    • improved layout & styling isolation for both the search bar itself and the website where its embedded
  • CORS header monitoring to further improve quality of service
  • Content feeds can be stripped of HTML before being added to search index