GSS Replacement with IntraFind Site Search

Google discontinued Site Search (GSS) earlier this year. Google now offers website operators Custom Search Engine (CSE). It is free – but you have to put up with advertising. That’s why many website operators are looking for a GSS replacement.

Some Content Management Systems (CMS) already offer a search for websites, but its functionality is usually quite limited. As a replacement for GSS, IntraFind Site Search offers numerous new functions and advantages. The current Google search offers hardly any possibilities for an individual design or adaptation to your own web design. With IntraFind Site Search you have the possibility to design the search field and to assign css classes yourself.

Site Search: Easy to use and setup

With IntraFind Site Search you can replace your Google search quickly and easily. As an established software provider, IntraFind has many years of experience in the field of search applications. IntraFind knows what is important to users. Benefit from the many functions offered by Site Search. These include intelligent autocomplete and linguistic features.

IntraFind Site Search can be easily set up by any website operator without any knowledge in programming and web design.  You are already using WordPress? Then you can use our WordPress Plugin for Site Search. Your data is safe with us: In contrast to Google, IntraFind Site Search is hosted in a data center in Germany (Frankfurt am Main). IntraFind Site Search thus complies with German and European data protection laws (DSGVO).  If you need help, we won’t let you down: In contrast to Google, IntraFind also offers user support – depending on the package booked.

Convince yourself of IntraFind Site Search as a simple, easy to use and high-performance alternative to GSS and benefit from its various features.

You are already using WordPress as CMS for your website? Use our WordPress Plugin for seamless Site Search integration.

GSS Replacement with IntraFind Site Search at a Glance

Site Search
Custom Search Engine (CSE)
Site Search (GSS)
Free of ads Yes No  Yes
Customer Support Yes No Yes
Customization of layout & design Yes Yes Yes
Data Center located in Germany Yes No No
Number of queries Depends on pricing plan  Limited Depends on pricing plan