Site Search – the best search for your website

You have your own website and want to integrate a search function?
Or you already have a search on your website but you are not satisfied with it?
IntraFind Site Search is all you need.

Your Benefits

  • Easy to use
    All website search results are highlighted in a clear hit list. Benefit also from lots of features like spelling correction, stemming and autocomplete.
  • Simple to install
    The API allows you to easily install and integrate the search bar into your website if you want to have maximum flexibility for a specific search solution.
  • Search in realtime
    Updated pages are immediately available in the index.
  • High performance
    No matter if 1 user or 100,000 users – the search performance remains the same for many simultaneous search requests.
  • Simple pricing
    Benefit from our simple subscription plans.
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More details about how to install and optimize Site Search on your website.

Everything you need to know about Site Search

Getting started

Download the snippet
and get your Site Search quickly started.
No coding required.

Easily set up your own Site Search


Specification and Playground:
Find all about Site Search API and get deeper into our source code.

Learn more about Site Search API

Use Cases

  • Increase customer satisfaction:
    A comprehensive search function enables your website visitors to quickly find the desired information and prevents users from leaving your website prematurely. The higher user-friendliness leads to a higher dwell time and ensures more satisfied website visitors and customers.
  • Generate more revenue:
    The user finds his desired product directly via the search function. This saves the user lots of time.
  • Offer better service:
    Site Search supports a wide range of languages, making it ideal for multilingual websites. It also searches into PDF documents integrated into your website, e.g. manuals, documentation or product data sheets.
  • Better know your visitors:
    Use reports to gain insight into what website visitors have been looking for. Use these reports to expand the content of your website and create new content for frequent searches that have not resulted in a hit.
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About Site Search

Thanks to IntraFind Site Search, customers of can now find what they need even faster. Site Search was very easy to set up and almost immediately ready to go. To meet our additional requirements the IntraFind team supported us quickly and straightforwardly. One can just tell that the company has years of experience in the matter of search engines.

Michael Ruf, Development Director, Sassenbach.Digital

Search as a Service
Site Search is a cloud-based website search solution based on Elasticsearch.

Site Search fulfills all important standards on privacy and service operation.

Responsive Search
One search for every device. The website search bar adapts to the display size.


How it works

1. Enter
…your website address and index your website.

2. Set up
…and enable Site Search by copying and pasting the provided code snippet.

3. Customize
…and develop your search bar design if needed.

Site Search

How to set up IntraFind Site Search on your website

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